What a Perfect Evening!

On Saturday evening the Musikfreunde Zornheim gave a fabulous concert at the NPS Kulturaula. A great mix of German “schlager2 and international evergreens had many in the audience rock their feet and sway their heads and shoulders with the rhythm, be it a Udo Jürgens medley, Y.M.C.A. or “Always look at the bright side of life” – everyone was swinging in the mood.
The lay musicians played like pros and the joy and fun of making music became evident again and again, be it with the swaying of the trombones, the trill of the piccolo flute or the clarinets that thanks to the expertise of conductor Sascha Kordel were not “covered” by the brass.
After the last piece the audience jumped off their seats and the band was not allowed to leave without three encores. Closing with a special highlight of “Amazing Grace” with amazing trumpet soli, the audience was reluctant to go home.
Apart from delivering a great concert, the Musikfreunde Zornheim also dedicated the proceeds of the evening in its entirety to the 50th jubilee of the Swakopmunder Musikwoche – and they additionally brought many presents! Thanking the organiser Christiane Berker she was handed an original size facsimile page from the Gutenberg bible, printed in letterpress technique in the Gutenberg-Museum in Mainz (near Zornheim), with the ornamentation added by hand. The biggest surprise though were two instrument donations, a flute and a clarinet, that were handed over to the Musikwoche to be passed on to young musicians who could not afford such an instrument!
Sunday saw another concert together with the Swakopmund Youth Choir and the Mascato Choir in the Immanueal Church in Mondesa. The musicians were so overwhelmed with the beautiful song of the choirs that they spontaneously invited the Mascato Choir to their May Festival, seeing that the Mascatos will be on their European tour during that time next year. Again, the Big Band from Germany was welcomed by an enthusiastic audience, and the Amazing Grace, joined in song by everyone, got a whole new quality for all present. The pastor of the Immanuel church, pastor //Keib, warmly thanked the musicians and welcomed this kind of cultural exchange. The Swakopmunder Musikwoche hopes to inspire even more young (and older) musicians not only from Mondesa to join the Musikwoche in December to improve their musical talent and knowledge with expert lecturers.
Those that missed out on the Swakopmund Concert can get a glimpse of the Musikfreunde Zornheim on the 10th of August in Windhoek – they will be performing a small program at Joe’s Beerhouse around 18:30.