The 51st Swakopmunder Musikwoche 2016

Having recovered from the most exciting (and exhausting) 50th Jubilee last December, the planning for this year is in full swing.

For those that have not heard it through the press:

The Musikwoche is moving to Namib High School opposite of the church, where we always have our Sunday concert. This was necessary as we ran out of space (for more information please see our press release here).  Concerts will therefore also take place at the Hanjo Böhlke Aula of the Namib High School.

Registration starts on the 29th of July online, for those registering online and paying via EFT, these are our bank details:

Swakopmunder Musikwoche

Bank Windhoek

Account number: 800 300 9497

Bank code: 481 772

The following lecturers have already fully committed, the list will be added on, as we receive confirmations.

Our lecturers:

Musical Director: Alexander Fokkens, SA

Choir Master: Dr Andre Thomas, USA

Concert Band: Nici Coleman, SA

Junior Musical Director: Hendi Krog, SA

Jazz Band / Saxophones: Ulrich Petermann, D

Concert Master / 1st Violins: Denise Sutton, SA

2nd violins: Nicole D’Oliveira, NAM

Viola: Erin Torres

Cello: Caleb Vaughn-Jones, USA

Double Bass: Zanelle Britz

Flute / Woodwinds: Bridget Rennie Salonen

Oboe / Bassoon: John Rojas

Director of Brass: Dr. Eric McIntyre

2nd Brass / Trombone: Michael Nixon, SA

Percussion: Daniel Nambassi

Strings Junior Orchestra: Elmarie van der Vyver

Recorder Junior Orchester: Jerome Cloete

Assistant Choir: Theodore Cookson, NAM

Assistant Concert Band: Caryn Pretorius

Assistant Violins: Bianca Wesley-Smith

Assistant Violins: Lwazi Mkula, SA

Assistant Cello: Lynne Dobson, SA

Assistant Trumpet: Christin Mercedes Röhl

Assistant Horn: Shannon Thebus

Assistant Junior Orchestra: Kevin Gersteling

What program can we expect for this Musikwoche? Well, there is of course the obligatory waltz, this year we will hear Strauss jnr. “The Blue Danube” – an homage to Alexander Fokkens, who laid the foundation for the obligatory waltz with this very first one at his first appearance seven years ago. This year we are looking at the ballet and hence will hear the “Waltz of the Flowers” and the “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”, both by Tchaikovsky. A second waltz will be the waltz from “Sleeping Beauty”, also by Tchaikovsky.

Additionally, planned is the “Serenade for Strings” – 2nd movement by Edward Elgar.

As always, we will have a joint Choir & Grand Orchestra piece, you will find more about that as a final decision has been taken.

The Concert Dates:

13.12.2015: Lecturer Concert, 19h00 at the Hanjo Böhlke Aula (Namib High School)

14.12.2015: Open Air Brass Festival, 16h00 at the Amphitheatre

14.12.2015: Jazz Concert, 19h00 at Haus der Jugend

15.12.2015: Junior & Ensemble Concert, 18h30 at the Hanjo Böhlke Aula (Namib High School)

16.12.2015: Final Concert, 19h00 at the Hanjo Böhlke Aula (Namib High School)

17.12.2015: Final Concert, 19h00 at the Hanjo Böhlke Aula (Namib High School)

18.12.2015: Church Concert, 10h00 at the Lutheran Church, Otavi st. no 9

Ticket sales:

As of the 1st of December you can order by phone every morning between 9h00 and 12h00, the cell phone number will be announced closer to the time.

As of the 8th of December you find us in the entrance of the Namib High School between 9h00 and 12h00 every morning (except Sunday, the 11th).

Ticket prices are N$ 80.- per ticket.

Looking forward to seeing you – for yet another fantastic music festival and the only of its kind!

Your Musikwoche Team