Thank you for a great Musikwoche 2016

Dear Musicians, Lecturers, Helpers and Supporters,

Thank you very much for a wonderful Musikwoche! You made it easy for us to take on the challenge of moving to a new venue, and your positive feedback has proven our decision to be the right one!

Thank you for fantastic concerts, for bringing so much joy to us, to our audience, to our community. The atmosphere was one of joy, enthusiasm and an intact MuWo family!

We thank all our sponsors for making this Musikwoche possible again – your support ensures that our Namibian youth gets the opportunity to experience a unique music festival, to expand their musical knowledge through international experts, to make new friends and to renew their bond with the worldwide musical family – THANK YOU!

Some photos will be put up soon, and we will keep you posted about the Musikwoche 2017!

Your Musikwoche Team