Registration for Musikwoche 2019

Registration Information 2019


Registration Dates: Registration ends on the 25th of November 2019. To ensure that you are registered and thus may participate, make sure that we have your proof of payment by the latest on the 25th of November.

Location: The Musikwoche takes place at the Namib HIGH School, Swakopmund, Namibia.

Terms & Conditions

Please note that registration will not be finalised until payment is received in full. If you choose to do electronic banking, PLEASE make sure that your name is on the payment and mail or fax us proof of payment! Our email address is: our fax number is 08861-8609 (fax-to-email).
Bank details: Musikwoche, Bank Windhoek, branch no: 481772; account no: 800 300 9497
Please note: Due to limited rehearsal time and the growing numbers of participants we are unable to grant any exemptions for a delayed start, you will have to attend the full amount of time.

The registration fee for :
Youth Orchestra: N$ 100.-
Choir: N$ 140.-
Grand Orchestra: N$ 170.-

Participants are to bring their own instrument and music stand. / Participants are expected to wear white blouses/shirts and black skirts/trousers or a Musikwoche T-Shirt for all public performances. / The Musikwoche will not be held responsible for loss or damage to private property or injury to persons on the premises. / Participants are responsible to treat all property of the Musikwoche and its rehearsal and performance premises with great care. / Once registered, participants are requested to notify the Musikwoche office immediately, if they are not able to attend the Musikwoche, as lecturers prepare their music selections with consideration of registered instruments and abilities. / Participants are required to commit to attend all rehearsals and concerts as scheduled. We will do our utmost to publish the schedule well in advance and to inform participants in time of any changes. Absenteeism affects the quality of the performances. / Once Musikwoche commences, participants are expected to notify their lecturer immediately if they are unable to attend a rehearsal or are withdrawing from the program. / Participants are expected to adhere to the instructions of all lecturer and the Musikwoche organisers as well as the rules and regulations of the Musikwoche. / Participants performing in the concert in the evening may not sit in the audience, unless they are not required for warming up or performance during the entire first or second half. It is not permitted to leave the audience area during a performance. / Participants are not permitted to stand in the doorways of the hall or in the foyer during the concert. / Participants are not permitted to stand in the yard outside of the hall during concerts, except when they have been called by the stage crew before their appearance. Participants are expected to line up quietly so as not to disturb the audience inside nor their fellow musicians.
Participants are not permitted backstage, unless authorised by the stage manager. / Participants agree to the Musikwoche organisers taking photographs during the Musikwoche and publishing these on their website or in other publications for promotional purposes. / Any exemption to a rule or regulation has to be authorised in writing by the Managing Committee of the Swakopmunder Musikwoche.

Musikwoche starts at 8:30 on the 9th of December: Please join us for a short opening ceremony at the Hanjo Bölke Aula, Namib High School – this assembly is obligatory for all participants, as important information will be handed out then. After the opening the first rehearsal starts immediately, so please bring your instrument and music stand.

I have read and understood the Terms & Conditions. I agree to adhere to these conditions