Press Release 12.7.2016

Press Release 12.7.2016

During the past six years, the Musikwoche started to outgrow the Namib Primary School. As we enrolled more and more participants, added a Concert Band and increased our choir as well as the Junior Orchestra, we ran out of rooms at the NPS.

With our 50th Jubilee last year we literally burst at the seams, and rehearsal schedules became a giant puzzle, trying to allocate two big halls to five groups in demand. Facing the option to either start putting up tents on the school premises or move, we approached the Namib High School and were received with open arms.

Historically, in the Eighties, the Musikwoche was housed in Namib High School, but as Mr Kühlwetter and his wife were active at the Namib Primary School, all their instruments were there and it made sense to move there.

As the Namib High School is a great supporter of Arts and Culture and offer both Art and Design as well as Integrated Performing Arts as subjects, we are happy to enter into a fruitful and cooperative long-term relationship, hopefully interesting all musically involved learners from NHS to join the Musikwoche.

Our Concert Band will be very happy to finally get an adequate rehearsal hall, big enough so all the trumpets don’t blow out their ear drums!

Our heartfelt thank you goes to Namib Primary School, in particular to Mrs and Mr Wilke, who took care of the Musikwoche for many, many years and can now hopefully finally enjoy a December without the responsibilities they carried to make our stay as pleasant as possible.

Online registrations will start on the 29th of July, keep an eye on our website. We are looking forward to welcoming old and new participants for another exciting music festival in Swakopmund – of course supported by Bank Windhoek Arts Festival again!